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Tame Handfed Baby Parrots !
raised to be the companion of a lifetime
all parrots are hand fed and raised with T.L.C.

Handfed Babies

We specialize in happy companion parrots. Highly socialized babies can be   your friends for life.
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Parrot Species & Gallery

Species Profiles • Parrot acquisition should never be done on impulse. You have to be ready for the commitment and know what you are getting into. These are very long-lived creatures that may out live you; they need to be provided for in your will. Parrots are highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive animals that, depending on the individual bird, may or may not ever learn to talk. read more »

Photo Gallery • Here at Paradise Valley Bird Farm, our breeding birds also have good lives. Paradise Valley Bird Farm healthy breeding birds live comfortably in breeding facility. They are fed the best possible diet, observed on a daily basis to keep them in tip-top condition. All of our breeding birds have plenty of toys while having visual barriers that provide them with privacy at the same time. more »

About Us

Paradise Valley Birdfarm has been operating on the island of Rhodes as breeding farm of parrots from tropcial and subtropical regions.

We specialize in healthy hand-fed Baby Parrots. Our babies are pulled between 7 -10 days of age, to provide the customer with the best quality possible in a very tame bird. read more »

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e-mail us at: birdfarm@otenet.gr

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Kyriakos Argyrou
27 Paradise Valley
Kalithies, 85105 Rodos, Greece
tel: 22410-87063
cell: 6943898774

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