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all parrots are hand fed and raised with T.L.C.

Handfed Babies

We specialize in happy companion parrots. Highly socialized babies can be   your friends for life.
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My name is Kyriakos Argyrou. I own and operate a parrot breeding farm, Paradise Valley Birdfarm. We have been operating here on the island of Rhodes since 1996. Prior to that we have been breeding parrots from Subtropical and tropical regions of the world since 1973. We have been collecting parrots since to develop a collection of healthy breeding stock. We currently produce over 50 species of parrots. Most of our breeding stock came along with us from the states and we`ve collected some along the way.

We specialize in Healthy hand-fed Baby Parrots. Our babies are pulled between 7 - 10 days of age before their eyes open to provide our customers with the best quality possible in a very tame bird. All our birds are banded at this time as well with our own numbered and initialed bands that are legal and registered with the Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Forestry, here in Greece.

Our babies are fed Kaytee Exact Handfeeding Formula from the time they are pulled until weaning. They are raised and socialized in our home. We are in the process of making nursery that we hope to complete at the end of the year. Baby parrots usually bond to their handfeeder which is why i think it is important for the potential owner to handfeed and bond with the baby for the last few weeks prior to weaning. Our babies are weaned on fresh fruits and vegetables. We also don`t recommend cutting off the wings until the bird is fully weaned.

Before deciding on a purchase of a new baby parrot be advised that our locally breed parrots are acclimated to the climate, are under less stress and healthier than imported parrots. Sometimes imported birds change hands 3 or 4 times before they arrive at their final destination.   Next Page »


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e-mail us at: birdfarm@otenet.gr

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Kyriakos Argyrou
27 Paradise Valley
Kalithies, 85105 Rodos, Greece
tel: 22410-87063
cell: 6943898774

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