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raised to be the companion of a lifetime
all parrots are hand fed and raised with T.L.C.

Handfed Babies

We specialize in happy companion parrots. Highly socialized babies can be   your friends for life.
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Info - About Us

The changing of its handfeeder, change of its home and environment, the travelling by car and plane really takes a toll on these babies and changes their personality. The stress of everything is one rreason babies get sick and often die. Any birds bred in Greece will have the initials GR on its band. Request local Greek parrots when you purchase from any pet store.

All our parent birds are housed outdoors in spacious cages all year round where they enjoy the natural elements, sun, rain, and wind which keeps them healthy and in top breeding condition. We are a closed aviary of farm as to keep disease out of our stock. We provide a balance and nutritional diet by giving them a large variety of fresh natural foods along with a specially made parrot pellet.

We originally introduced handfed parrots to the greek market in 1996. We initially sold them to a pet store in Ammomia and educated people and the pet bird trade exploded. Also remember when you purchase a bird from us we will be glad to help and assist you in any way.

Please take a look at our site and feel free to call me or e-mail us with any questions or for any information.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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e-mail us at: birdfarm@otenet.gr

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Kyriakos Argyrou
27 Paradise Valley
Kalithies, 85105 Rodos, Greece
tel: 22410-87063
cell: 6943898774

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