Tame Handfed Baby Parrots !
raised to be the companion of a lifetime
all parrots are hand fed and raised with T.L.C.

Handfed Babies

We specialize in happy companion parrots. Highly socialized babies can be   your friends for life.
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Info - Contact Information

To place an order or to inquire about availability of any of our birds please call or e-mail me at any time.

Kyriakos Argyrou
27 Paradise Valley Rd.
Kalithies, Rhodes
Greece, 85105

Tel. 22410-87063
Cell: 6943898774

Call for availiblity and prices

My Great Web page e-mail:birdfarm@otenet.gr


• Need more info ?

e-mail us at: birdfarm@otenet.gr

• Our Address

Kyriakos Argyrou
27 Paradise Valley
Kalithies, 85105 Rodos, Greece
tel: 22410-87063
cell: 6943898774

* Call for availability and prices