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all parrots are hand fed and raised with T.L.C.

Handfed Babies

We specialize in happy companion parrots. Highly socialized babies can be   your friends for life.
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African Parrot Description

Grey parrot - Is a Grey parrot right for you? Before buying a grey parrot the purchaser should examine their reasons for wanting one. If a primary reason is to be amused by a "talking parrot" you should think again. Not all African Grey become good talkers and some may never learn a word. In fact African Greys are 1 in 100 that will become a good talker. 1 in 1000 will become an exceptional talker, experts say. The Grey parrot is highly sensitive and intelligent. Before deciding on a Grey Parrot you should be aware that once past the age of a few months, many Greys will not like to be touched or clasped. There are exceptions of course and some remain touchable, usually with one person.

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